The Purpose

Three words, SLEEP LESS DO MORE… sorry that’s four. hmmm will I get it right if I can’t count the words? That’s another reason why I need blog, if someone is reading I should keep going. Ok fun fact starting a blog was actually a class assignment for my social media class so if I didn’t do it I would be left doing a written assignment. I have a couple of years left in university written assignments will never get old but blogging that’s kinda new. So it’s helping my grades, helping me and my career.

As usual let me expand…Building my experience and career has been on my mind forever! What have I achieved? Not much…Years ago I got advice to join LinkedIn, it sounded handy and even cool. However my CV is not that cool and for that reason I haven’t opened an account. So the point is to build myself to the point where I can have a CV worthy of a LinkedIn Account.

I am studying Radio and Television so I’m going to need movies, TV serials,radio programs and much more to my name.(Side note) I can barely use a camera on my own and I’m in third year… yikes! Besides the paperwork there’s the personality. I don’t remember saying, this is my hobby , this is what I can do. So art ,cooking, singing somethings go to work out, not just for myself but for that friend who caught me off guard by asking ‘What’s your talent?’. Let’s just say there was ALOT of silence, but not for long I hope. 🙂