Making The Cut

On Sunday France would decide, Macron or LePen and everyone would be waiting and watching. I had a big decision to make too,  shave it all off right away or try something new and ‘crazy’, I’m talking about my hair.  Who is going to do it for me? Where should I go? I told everyone that cared to listen that I was going to shave my head, most people were against it.  I had the mild ‘no don’t do it’ and the more serious reaction of ‘ if you cut your hair  we will be fighting’ lol. The more serious reaction coming from my room-mate, she says that a lot but I know we will never actually come to blows over this. One of the most memorable comments were also

‘ you ‘re cutting your hair? what did your boyfriend say?’

It doesn’t matter what he said even though it was basically a no no, my mind was made up. Besides sometimes he could be a  bit….. uhm… I will save that for another post.

So back to the point, I decided to try a new hairstyle for a week before I went bald. I settled for a friend of  a friend as the barber. Not the best decision I have ever made but hey what did I have to lose? My Eyebrows!! hahaha no It wasnt that bad, I did feel the shaving shift towards my eyebrows at one point though, but overall I did settle. It was the causal I will only have the new do for a week, a free cut wouldn’t hurt and he had a resume … I Think?

**clears throat** back to the scence. It was Saturday , we agreed on Sunday but he said he would be busy so it happened on Saturday. I was never ready, I even updated my Facebook status about it. It was the first time ever I decided to cut my hair even though I have had countless haircuts leaving me bald. Yup, the good old parents making decisions for you. It was more than obvious that I hated being a bald little girl, all the jeering and taunting , looking like a boy  blah blah blah.  People always thought if you had no hair (as a girl) something was wrong. Well now nothing is wrong I just need to get over that fear and become 100% confident in me… at least I can try. Plus I want to grow that shiny bouncy,curly Instagram hair just in time for graduation. 🙂

Any way, I was in a stranger’s room. Some James Blunt song was playing softly, France 24 was on the tv, over analyzing the elections and trying to predict what would happen the next day. The machine switched on, the zzzz in the buzz sent shivers down my spine, I had to do it but every time the thing moved closer I pulled away… the barber thought it was funny that I was scared. I was also worried about him too, my French seemed to match his English so communicating how the style should be was a bit of a problem. My hair was dyed black, he got that right. I chose a fade, I think that’s the name, when you shave the sides of your head and leave the hair in the center. *sigh* It’s a good thing I had a hat in my bag. Before he even finished I knew it was all wrong. He insisted it was good and started taking pictures, MAN  I really should have deleted them.So much for the new look, head bands and scarves have covered up the ‘abstract art’ for the most of two weeks. I’m just waiting for the hair to grow a bit, then I will take it all off.

The good part is a lot of people don’t  know , they think the scarf is me trying something new…hahaha.Its ok, luckily I learnt some things:

  1. I think I’ve conquered my fear of that buzzing shaving machine
  2. Razor bumps are horrible… DO NOT SCRATCH.
  3. Just go to the barber shop… at least I can get a refund. 🙂




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