You Name It

Naming things is not easy and that’s half of the reason why I started blogging later than expected. So how did I get to Scribbled Blueprint . Well after trying things like Gold Ink and Glass Canvas and Miss-Understood. I realized they don’t actually fit the blog purpose they all sound like an art blog or a calligraphy blog and mine is neither of the two.

So my tips on blog naming :

  1. Yes , you guessed right, Google. Not just what to name your blog but ways of naming it.
  2. Keep it to 3 or 4 words. If it’s a sentence make sure it’s very unique
  3. Use a thesaurus. Synonyms can save your life
  4. Brainstorming… wait this probably should have come first. Write down everything and anything that embodies your blog even the complete opposite can help it sound more creative.
  5. Ask a friend or two,maybe even three. An outside unbiased opinion is always hand

Well at least I have named my blog. But now I need my own name. I’m in a school where every time someone creates something they put some fancy name/label on it. So that’s what I need,something timeless and easy to pronounce so I can stamp it on all my productions and scripts. A name that people will call me and forget my real name. Or I could just steal my relatives’ name.hmmm So for now that leaves me at Ahchan Productions.  Let me go and inform that relative…



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