via Daily Prompt: Survive

The word prompt came just in time. No need to google it, no need to think too much , this time I got this. I never expected it would drop from the sky , but at least the sky is not falling. I over planned, I thought for two forgetting that the other has their own brain and schedule. I thought I would have a hand to hold and be walked through the process but I was walked to the stadium¬† and left at the starting line of the track. Of course, I should have seen it coming ,it’s no one’s race but mine some one can only take me so far before I am the only that can help me. That YouTube video, uh not that much help, I watched the wrong one. This computer has Adobe Pro 6.0 ….*breathe in* …. editing, I don’t know what I am doing. Now I don’t have a choice, I wanted to learn, so here I am ,where else could I be, the video only has to be 2 minutes long. I will get through this. I have till midnight, oh yeah …*Breathe out*… no I didn’t pass out. I will, crawl through this ,no.¬† SURVIVE


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