X Marks The Spot

Tedx. The talks, I had only heard about online.So when the poster went up at school I thought ok, Friday evening let’s do this. The main aim was to learn something to help myself or my career . Yeah it started quite late but nope I didn’t regret it. Speaker after Speaker encouraged us to write or be creative and to draw the line between constructive and destructive criticism.Afterwards the guests discussed which speech was the best and there I was thinking ‘ they were all very good,public speaking isn’t easy . Maybe I should get a picture of the Red X, the place where it all happened where X marked the spot.’ The host deserved the a lot of credit tooo.The most memorable was the speaker with a bell he did the corporate version of speed dating…not that I speed date.

However I learnt from the host, she kept her composure and pronounced names from different languages to the t. What I learnt , it doesn’t matter what it is practice and you will be fine.


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