All Made Up

Fact 1: I don’t wear make-up. Fact 2: Now I own makeup. How did I get here? You know that thing, that tv thing and then you have to wear some for the lights or the camera and all that jazz. Yeah that’s pretty much the story… I can’t keep going to my friend’s place screaming help!!!Now I have my own and no  I still dont know what I’m doing… do I start with the liquid thingy or the powder stuff? how much do I use by the way?Lets not forget the general public, they will  squint and look at you like hmmmm something is different I dont know what, but you did something to your face.Of course I did … I put on my glittery gold eyelids…see that , see what I did right there? sarcasm. Lol but on the plus side exam week is around the corner now I have time to play with my face eeeep!If I dont practice I could be sitting here typing whilst one fake eyelash is falling off. But praise the lord for YouTube, turns out you really can manipulate  any shade of lipstick to suit you, If you havent tried it TRY IT. Whilst talking about appreciation you really can’t  hate on a good cat eye. even though I draw it better on paper.

Cat eye
p.s (please don’t ask where the other eye is)

I might not be the right person to give advice but it seems you have to know the kind of look you are going for. I have settled for the no  makeup , makeup look. I will leave the dramatic beauty vlogger and instagram #slay looks for the pros….for now 😉



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