It’s almost time to turn you in. You need reprieve… (according to the dictionary some temporary relief from impending doom.) I haven’t treated you well .before I change you yet again with my constantly changing thoughts on you. I have never been good and goodbyes but it’s good that this isn’t bye. It is just a break, just a pause. I know this just started and we have had some ups and downs. Everyone seems to know how to get along with you just fine, But I found fault in you. I made you visually complicated because I tried to change you and then blamed you when I didn’t like the change.

When I come back, we can make it work… I will have patience and save you more of my time. I will face reality and work with you as you are and not expect of you what you can’t give.I hope you will still remember me and be ok when you are on your own. Give it some time… bask in this break , at least I will stop abusing the customize button and constantly browsing through themes, changing your categories and clicking preview too many times.

We will start over some time from now. It will be easier to commit and I would have done my homework, which is what’s best for the community. Until then take care you have been good to me.Everything might go dark but a light will be left on.If I think of anything you need to know I promise to write to you, although  you might not get my letters. So I will just scribble it down in blue ink and sign off with my name so you recognize the print and know it’s from me.

Don’t be disheartened, I won’t leave you behind for good for without you I am justPalma.



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