Spice Essentials

Food tastes better with spice, or so I believe. I can’t live with out coriander, well I have… but I had no option and it was really hard!

So there we were my friend and I again with the podcast going at a steady pace and the excitement still very fresh. She brought up the spice idea  so yeah we went ahead with it all. The aim was to create spice blends and sell them. Background story, there were times when we both went to the shops and couldn’t find the spice we needed or it was there but who wants to be crushing whole coriander seeds, powder is more convenient and not that strong. Any who, there was a gap in the market and we wanted to fill it. Instagram page…. check, Name… check,Design… check, Photoshoot…. check and check (see pic above)…. Capital … also check…. Customers….check

Ok confession, we made one order I can’t remember whether it was spice for rice or all spice.hmm I think it was all spice. Shhhh it didn’t leave the building lol we put love into making it but maybe it was how to deliver it that got us stuck . Any who it’s still a great idea and Summer is around the corner so I guess we could dust it off the shelf and get back to it.

oh yeah you’re probably wondering how this applies? Somewhere in one of my posts I said something about building a hobby or finding a talent. Well this could come in handy, I mean if I am not good at cooking maybe I can find my way around spices.

what I generally do know:

1.Everything can use a bit of salt even the sweet stuff.

2. Tumeric adds such great colour to food

3.Curry isnt the only spice

4. Lightly toasting the spice brings out more flavour.mmmm


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