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Daily prompt- Meagre

I’m back but he’s not

forgive me for the days I’ve been away

and forgive me for the days when I’m here to stay.

because I’m not the Same any more.

Meagre, I’m not sure what that means. I just wanted to make a comeback and a word prompt seemed to be the best way…and… also to let it out.

Oh he? he’s my father… Is , was still not used to using the latter when it comes to telling stories about, wait yeah now I remember.

This word prompt is a Meagre excuse to write about an event that I need to write about and it doesn’t fit the theme of my blog. Ok… I  think I used the word right. That event?

He died.

I can’t even explain it.




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It’s almost time to turn you in. You need reprieve… (according to the dictionary some temporary relief from impending doom.) I haven’t treated you well .before I change you yet again with my constantly changing thoughts on you. I have never been good and goodbyes but it’s good that this isn’t bye. It is just a break, just a pause. I know this just started and we have had some ups and downs. Everyone seems to know how to get along with you just fine, But I found fault in you. I made you visually complicated because I tried to change you and then blamed you when I didn’t like the change.

When I come back, we can make it work… I will have patience and save you more of my time. I will face reality and work with you as you are and not expect of you what you can’t give.I hope you will still remember me and be ok when you are on your own. Give it some time… bask in this break , at least I will stop abusing the customize button and constantly browsing through themes, changing your categories and clicking preview too many times.

We will start over some time from now. It will be easier to commit and I would have done my homework, which is what’s best for the community. Until then take care you have been good to me.Everything might go dark but a light will be left on.If I think of anything you need to know I promise to write to you, although  you might not get my letters. So I will just scribble it down in blue ink and sign off with my name so you recognize the print and know it’s from me.

Don’t be disheartened, I won’t leave you behind for good for without you I am justPalma.


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Spice Essentials

Food tastes better with spice, or so I believe. I can’t live with out coriander, well I have… but I had no option and it was really hard!

So there we were my friend and I again with the podcast going at a steady pace and the excitement still very fresh. She brought up the spice idea  so yeah we went ahead with it all. The aim was to create spice blends and sell them. Background story, there were times when we both went to the shops and couldn’t find the spice we needed or it was there but who wants to be crushing whole coriander seeds, powder is more convenient and not that strong. Any who, there was a gap in the market and we wanted to fill it. Instagram page…. check, Name… check,Design… check, Photoshoot…. check and check (see pic above)…. Capital … also check…. Customers….check

Ok confession, we made one order I can’t remember whether it was spice for rice or all spice.hmm I think it was all spice. Shhhh it didn’t leave the building lol we put love into making it but maybe it was how to deliver it that got us stuck . Any who it’s still a great idea and Summer is around the corner so I guess we could dust it off the shelf and get back to it.

oh yeah you’re probably wondering how this applies? Somewhere in one of my posts I said something about building a hobby or finding a talent. Well this could come in handy, I mean if I am not good at cooking maybe I can find my way around spices.

what I generally do know:

1.Everything can use a bit of salt even the sweet stuff.

2. Tumeric adds such great colour to food

3.Curry isnt the only spice

4. Lightly toasting the spice brings out more flavour.mmmm

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All Made Up

Fact 1: I don’t wear make-up. Fact 2: Now I own makeup. How did I get here? You know that thing, that tv thing and then you have to wear some for the lights or the camera and all that jazz. Yeah that’s pretty much the story… I can’t keep going to my friend’s place screaming help!!!Now I have my own and no  I still dont know what I’m doing… do I start with the liquid thingy or the powder stuff? how much do I use by the way?Lets not forget the general public, they will  squint and look at you like hmmmm something is different I dont know what, but you did something to your face.Of course I did … I put on my glittery gold eyelids…see that , see what I did right there? sarcasm. Lol but on the plus side exam week is around the corner now I have time to play with my face eeeep!If I dont practice I could be sitting here typing whilst one fake eyelash is falling off. But praise the lord for YouTube, turns out you really can manipulate  any shade of lipstick to suit you, If you havent tried it TRY IT. Whilst talking about appreciation you really can’t  hate on a good cat eye. even though I draw it better on paper.

Cat eye
p.s (please don’t ask where the other eye is)

I might not be the right person to give advice but it seems you have to know the kind of look you are going for. I have settled for the no  makeup , makeup look. I will leave the dramatic beauty vlogger and instagram #slay looks for the pros….for now 😉


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X Marks The Spot

Tedx. The talks, I had only heard about online.So when the poster went up at school I thought ok, Friday evening let’s do this. The main aim was to learn something to help myself or my career . Yeah it started quite late but nope I didn’t regret it. Speaker after Speaker encouraged us to write or be creative and to draw the line between constructive and destructive criticism.Afterwards the guests discussed which speech was the best and there I was thinking ‘ they were all very good,public speaking isn’t easy . Maybe I should get a picture of the Red X, the place where it all happened where X marked the spot.’ The host deserved the a lot of credit tooo.The most memorable was the speaker with a bell he did the corporate version of speed dating…not that I speed date.

However I learnt from the host, she kept her composure and pronounced names from different languages to the t. What I learnt , it doesn’t matter what it is practice and you will be fine.