The Walk

Just keeping track of my journey on this page. Why now? Well…why not? blogging isn’t all that new to me I tried to start a blog before, on WordPress too but I wrote it all down and didn’t publish lt. shhhh I still have the book!Writing can be tricky I never kept a diary when I was younger… or maybe because I was still learning the difference between Dear Diary and Dear Dairy.

So enough about what I haven’t done, lets talk about what I have done. But first thank yous are in order. To my close friend for letting me use her device/smart phone  seeing as I’m laptop-less and smart phone-less. Then to the friend who lives upstairs and gave me the password to her wi-fi! So thanks to these two I can stay in my room and work from my bed. Whew! gone are the days of always going to the school library just to check my emails.

Now on a more serious note about what I have done. A podcast (Ivory Fm)… yup with the friend who lent me her device/smart phone. It was her idea and it was cool we talked about anything and tried different things… this was late last year by the way. Then I can’t remember why or how but we just stopped recording. Till now we still say, oh yeah we should record. May be one day  we will get back to it. Well here is the first episode, enjoy. 🙂

 Episode 1 Pod Cast

*****Just Press Play*****